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The residents and people who visit Back Mountain, Pennsylvania, have many reasons for wanting to spend time in this peaceful town. If you live in the area, you likely enjoy the welcoming environment and changing seasons. With cold winters and hot summers, Back Mountain is home to a range of pests that won't waste time when you give them the chance to invade your home or business. Because keeping them away is much easier than getting rid of them, putting in the effort to learn about common pests and how to spot them will work wonders to safeguard your property.


When it comes to common pests, you are likely to spot ants making their way into your building to find food and water. Living in colonies, ants will send scouts out to search for resources that can benefit them. When one of the scouts finds a viable source of food, it will alert the others, so if you see a single ant in or near your home, more are likely to follow. Although common house ants are not a threat, fire ants can sting if they feel threatened, and carpenter ants will damage wood floors and walls before you know what happened.


As experts at survival, cockroaches are a challenge for homeowners and businesses to manage. Because they usually avoid direct light, they will hide in your walls and cabinets until it gets dark outside. If you spot them during the day, you are likely facing a large infestation that has already gotten out of hand. The only time that they will come out from hiding is when their nests are getting overpopulated. Although you can't eliminate the risk, ensuring that you don't have leaky pipes will go a long way to reduce your odds of facing a cockroach invasion.


With a painful bite and harmful venom, spiders are a concern for people from all walks of life. Unless you promptly respond to the threat, wolf spiders, brown recluses and more can spread and take over your home or office in no time. They usually prefer dark and quiet environments, which is why you are likely to spot them in your closet and behind furniture. Even though you can find some pest control products that promise to protect you from spiders, most people don't get the results that they expect.

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If ants, cockroaches or spiders are causing trouble, then you are likely wondering where you should turn to get the problem under control before it's too late. At Colwell Termite & Pest Control, we have the needed training and experience to help you protect your home from these unwelcome guests, allowing you to have peace of mind. We care about each of our clients, and that is why we will treat you like family. You don't have to suffer any longer, and our team is standing by the phone to answer your questions and address your concerns. So give us a call right away, and we will see you soon.

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