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The residents of Honesdale, Pennsylvania, are proud of the peaceful and welcoming town in which they live. If you live in the area, then you likely enjoy the mild climate and changing seasons. Although it has a lot to offer, Honesdale is not without its fair share of problems, and it's important you learn to recognize the common pests that you could encounter. Overlooking the threat, people often ignore pests when they first spot them, but this can lead to additional problems if they are not careful. If pests try to invade your home or office, you will want to respond quickly, but you will also need to find a pest control company that won't let you down.


Even though the world is full of countless pests, bedbugs are among the scariest and cause terror in cities across the nation. Once they get inside your home, bedbugs will build a nest, waiting until you go to bed each night. After you fall asleep, the tiny parasites will feed on your blood several times, returning to their nest before you wake up the next morning. Although they can leave behind red marks, some people are immune to the symptoms, making it hard to spot the warning signs.


A small hole in an outer wall is all that rats, mice and other rodents need to invade your home. Because rodents can carry and transmit diseases, you will need to address the infestation as soon as you can if you don't want to put yourself at risk. Also, rodents can create a fire hazard by chewing on your wires. As long as they have enough food, rodents can reproduce faster than you would think, creating a large population in no time. Waiting too long to take action is an error that you don't want to make, and only the training and experience of a pest control professional can get the job done.


Homeowners dread the moment that they spot termites on their property because these pests can cause structural damage. Infestations start when swarmers search for an ideal place to start a new nest, and your home could be their next target. These pests can also get to your home from infested wood or through the ground. Sagging walls and floors could be a warning sign, and contacting an expert is a wise decision.

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When you drive to the store or look online, you can find many at-home solutions that promise to help you manage your pest problem. Those products won't always work well, and failing to get the job done can give your unwelcome guests the time that they need to spread. If you only settle for the best, then the team at Colwell Termite & Pest Control will come to the rescue. As soon as you give us a call, you will know that you are in good hands. When you are ready to get started, we will send someone to your location to identify and eliminate the pests that have been causing trouble.

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