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Cockroaches, spiders and ants are all common pests found in Pocono, Pennsylvania.


Cockroaches may vary in length and are usually dark brown in color. They are usually seen crawling in bathtubs, sinks and anywhere there is food or food residue. Since these pests feed off of bacteria, they carry several harmful types and spread it around the home. They also carry parasitic worms. Roach colonies grow quickly and can take over an entire home.


While many spiders encountered in Pennsylvania are harmless and produce only itchy bumps when they bite, there are two types that are very dangerous. The brown recluse is known to hide in dark areas such as basements, clothing piles, shoes, boxes and several other places. Its bite can cause flu-like symptoms and necrosis of the bite area. It can be identified by the violin-shaped marking on its upper torso. Black widows also hide in places that are quiet and undisturbed. Their bites can cause pain and flu-like symptoms, and any bite areas may develop lesions. Look for a red hourglass marking on the spider's lower abdomen.


There are several types of ants found throughout the state. They can destroy foods that are not properly sealed and will also bite humans. Since they carry bacteria, their bites can not only be painful but may also become infected. Some people have allergic reactions to bites.

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