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We have several varieties of ants in Scranton, including pavement ants, Allegheny mound ants, house ants and carpenter ants. No matter what type of ant you are dealing with, all ants can cause problems in your home. Most ants establish their colonies outside and only venture into your home to search for food and water. They may contaminate your food, and as they walk on your floors and counters, they leave harmful bacteria behind. Carpenter ants don’t forage for food inside your home, but they are attracted to homes with damp or decaying wood, and they will cause additional damage to your home by burrowing into the wood.


Subterranean termites are common throughout Pennsylvania. These highly destructive pests live underground and are sensitive to sunlight, so they build mud tubes for protection as they tunnel into your home. By the time you are aware of their presence, they may have already caused serious structural damage to your home.


Rats and mice are especially prevalent in the fall and winter months. To escape the cold, they typically enter your home in search of food and warmth. These crafty rodents may damage your home as they chew through electrical wiring and drywall, and they may also be carrying several diseases. In addition, rodents often harbor fleas and ticks.

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