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Stroudsburg is a peaceful town located in Pennsylvania that many people are proud to call home. If you live in the area, you likely enjoy the range of forests and rivers that surround the location, but people are not the only ones who enjoy the environment. With warm summers, cool winters and plenty of wooded areas, Stroudsburg is home to a range of pests that you will not want to ignore unless you want to put yourself at risk for an invasion. The good news is that you can keep yourself safe by learning about common pests and what you can do about them when your mission is to protect your property.


Bedbugs are a major problem and are becoming even more common. When these tiny insects get into a home or place of business, they are all but impossible to manage. They are parasites and will wait until their host falls asleep to consume a blood meal. Once they have access to a host, bedbugs will feed every seven days, so you might not notice a lot of activity during the early stages of an infestation. If you think that you might have these pests, you can identify them by their round and flat bodies. As soon as they feed on a fresh meal, bedbugs will become around and red in color.


When it comes to common invaders that will cause problems if you don't prevent them from doing so, rodents are another issue that you will want to address. A small hole in the side of a building is all that rodents need to get inside, and they can spread quickly. If they decide to chew on your wires, they can create a fire hazard that will put you in harm's way.

Rodents will even get into your food and can spread diseases. When these pests invite themselves onto your property, knowing about the red flags can help you detect the problem before they cause too much damage. Holes in your walls and bags of food are warning signs that you can't afford to ignore.


Ants live in colonies and send scouts into the surrounding area to locate food and water. If you have any spills or dropped food on your floors or tables and a scout finds it, the scout will quickly notify the other ants about the resource. You will then have an invasion on your hands before you know what happened. If you would like to prevent this problem from occurring, cleaning up spills right away is one of the top ways to reach your desired outcome.

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Although you can take many steps to reduce the risk of an invasion, you can never eliminate it. No matter what you do, you could still find yourself facing unwanted visitors who are determined to overstay their welcome. When pests try to take over and you don't know what to do about it, turn to the trusted experts at Colwell Termite & Pest Control. We will do what it takes to get your problem under control, and you can give us a call for all of your pest control needs.

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