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Sighting a few pests in a home each day may not seem like a big deal, but regularly seeing pests in a home can mean that an infestation is present in much larger numbers within the structure of the home. While do-it-yourself pest control methods may kill pests that are easy to find, hidden pests and eggs that are left behind could cause infestations to reoccur. Professional extermination is the best solution for infestations.

The Dangers of Pest Infestations

Pests have the potential to cause damage to buildings and person belongings. Some insects are also known for negatively affecting the health of humans and pets. Termites and carpenter ants cause significant structural damage to buildings because they burrow into wood in order to build a nest. While termites will burrow into any type of wood, carpenter ants prefer to find moist wood that is softer and easier to chew through. Carpenter ant infestations are often a sign of excess moisture in a home that could lead to mold.

Bed bug infestations are widespread across the United States. These tiny insects are skilled at eluding do-it-yourself extermination methods. People who are allergic to bed bug bites typically experience redness and swelling when bitten. Dozens of itchy welts can be the result when an infestation is present.

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