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Roaches are savvy insects that will typically infest homes and businesses whenever there is food and water available. While sewer roaches can grow to large sizes, they generally live in pipes and are not looking to breed. Smaller roach species, however, can reproduce rather quickly. In most cases, they can be found in pantries and beneath sinks. In severe infestations, they may live behind baseboards, walls, furniture pieces, and electrical outlets. At Colwell Termite and Pest Control, we can eliminate roach colonies quickly and efficiently.

Infestation Signs

While cockroaches are nocturnally active, there will likely be some obvious signs that an infestation is underway. Roach droppings, for example, usually resemble ground pepper. Trails of black dots underneath sinks and in cabinets will mean that the insects are present. Individuals might also find egg cases on shelves and between books. Dead roaches will also likely be found in various nooks and crannies within the house. In certain instances, roach colonies can also produce musty aromas.


Roaches produce allergens that can cause breathing issues in household residents. Men and women who are prone to allergy problems or asthma attacks will be especially vulnerable. The insects can also carry microbes and parasites, which can in some cases be passed on to humans. They are also perfectly capable of spoiling entire pantries of food. Food containers that have become compromised will need to be thrown out. In rare instances, roach feces can even cause food poisoning. Men and women who are currently dealing with roaches should call Colwell Termite and Pest Control for a free quote.

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